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unprofessional behaviour
I want to share my experience with Mothers Pride so that you don’t have to suffer the same with your baby. My baby have participate in Photo competition in sector 5, Gurgaon branch. School charged 500 bucks for the same, photo shoot happened and we selected one photo out of it for the competition. Result declared on 8th July 2014 and I was shocked that the photo we have selected for the competition as not considered and some on of the worst photo was uploaded which have eliminated the chance of my baby of being into the competition. When I complained this and posted my grievance on Chairperson Ms. Sudha Gupta’s facebook I got a call from someone Ms. Mani, who told me that you tell us again the correct photo which you have selected we will reconsider the result which is one of the most unpractical approach to make someone fool. How can you think of reconsidering the result when result is declared on website and everywhere and winners are selected, are you doing some kind of joke? Even though I have shared then the correct photo through email which was again not uploaded and some other image was uploaded. After all this I mailed then and asked to either share the fullsize (High Resolution ) image or refund my money. Wrote twice but no response then I copied the email to Chairperson and CEO(email found wrong) but this time got a call again from Ms. Mani who simply told me that we have reconsidered the result and your baby is not winner, again an unprofessional and unpractical approach to fool me. I asked her to reply me back through email as I have written email but surprisingly she denied to reply back through email. I am really disappointed what kind of organization Mother's Pride is who is building the foundation of children when their employ don't have attitude to resolve a grievance of customer. I have to give a second thought to get my baby admitted to such school. Don’t you think when because of school mistake wrong image is selected for competition which has eliminated the chance of even being into competition they should either refund money or share the high resolution images as a compensation.

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