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Peach Blossom Sector 61 Noida
School looks very colourful, lively and its principal lady very friendly when u go for admission. That's just a disguise. In actual its a very bad school. They tend to demoralise ur kids by continuously saying u cannot do this u cannot do that. And their day care is not at all good for small kids. They don't pay attention to small kids and only neglect them. Their principal lady will lie at your face. She is the biggest liar i have ever seen. Ypur child will ony be neglected and will get sick frequently. They are just doing buisiness. They keep asking for money and are absolutely under staffed. Also all their staff like their pricipal are liars. They just sit there and keep talking to each other and not at all pay attention to kids. I really feel that somebody should have written review earlier so that my kid would not have been tortured. Now i have changed her school and day care. Thanks to these ignorant bunch of liars.

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